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We have efficient and experienced interim managers, professional board members and advisors with strong business acumen for hire.

When your company wants growth, when new ideas need to be implemented or when the strategy has to be sharpened

In many situations a company needs an experienced and competent resource to speed up sales, to develop or to expand business or to implement an important project. Sometimes a key resource is suddenly taken ill and a surrogate is immediately needed. Very often in these situations it is useful for a company to get vision and know-how that is only available outside the company.

With a tight schedule and for a fixed-term need a good and cost-effective solution is to use services from a interim manager. For a longer term strategic need for specific business experience the solution is to look for a resource for the board of directors. The resource may be a member of the board or work as an advisor for the board. 

Contrary to business consultants the interim manager and board member takes responsibility of operative tasks with measurable targets inside the company. Therefore the commitment and interest for results is eminent.

Interim Management

There are several reasons that speak for using interim managers. It is a very cost-effective business tool for fixed-term or for project based needs. The appropriate resource is available immediately and can be terminated when ever needed. Special skills can be aquired just to get one target accomplished. Interim manager is also able to pass most of his/her skills and know-how to company personnel while carrying out his/her task. When the project is over the company personnel are able to carry on with similar assignments.

Growth for Sales

Sales growth can be achieved in many ways. Recardless of current markets, sales methods, products and services, resources or financial status almost all sales related functions can be improved. Effective means for growing sales are for example going into new markets, utilizing sales channels and partner networks, productizing service concepts, implementing new pricing models and deploying effective sales management methods.

Implementation of New Ideas

Many times a company has a lot of good ideas for business development, but one just don't have enough of time, resources or focus for implementing them. The day-to-day operation just gets all the effort and focus. An excellent idea is to hire an external resource to take care of running the implementation project. An interim manager has all the needed skills and a lot of experience to reach the target - which is to get the project implemented in an agreed time.

Membership on the Board

Redirecting your business, changing the business focus, implementing aquisitions, internationalization and other strategig actions have to be evaluated and planned carefully. One excellent resource for expertise for companies in these case are the members of the board - if the members are chosen based on their skillsets and there is a structured way of working in place with the board. Many times the board is an untapped resource. If the structure of the board can not be changed and special expertise is needed, then an advisor for the board in fixed-term basis might be the right solution.

Examples of References

There are a lot of good references and excellent project examples of success in sales growth, in business development, in managing projects, in sales channesl and partner networks, in board memberships and in advising of boards. You will get more detailed information on reguest.

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